Gourits Kontrei Winkel


The Gourits Kontrei Winkel is situated in the old "Gourits Hotel" building close to the beach. This little shop sells all kinds of goods such as basic groceries, fishing tackle, hardware, gifts, clothes, wood and much more to cover your basic needs. One can easily loose track of time as you start to browse the shop with all the goods up for display. The shop accepts cash and cards, but no ATM is available.

One unique feature of the Kontrei Winkel is the display of tyres stacked on top of each other. Sanet and the Kontrei Winkel staff takes great pride with their creative inventions of these tyres, from a christmas tree to a dressed up mannequin for people to stop and look twice. This is a big attraction as visitors seem to remember the Kontrei Winkel by these displays. Taking photos with these displays is a must!


The Kontrei Winkel sells groceries for your basic needs. This allows you to skip a long trip to Mossel Bay for Groceries. From fresh bread and milk, to canned foods, koffee, suger, toiletries, meat, wood and blits. There is also a small section with basic medical supplies. This little shop also stocks sweets, ice cream, chips and cold sodas. What makes this little shop also special is that it is close to the beach, take a walk to the shop when you are hungry on the beach. Over holiday season, the shop will also stock home made salads, cakes and koeksisters.


Problably the biggest attraction to this little shop is the wide range of gifts. You can find gifts for friends, family and children in this shop. The Kontrei Winkel stocks interesting gifts each with a diffrent theme. Gifts are also supplied in a basic paper gift bag. You will find jewelry, souvenirs, ornaments, soaps and perfume, cutlery, signs, hanging decorations, ocean themed gifts and many more.

Fishing Tackle

The Gourits Kontrei Winkel also sells fishing tackle. You can find new reels, fishing rods, hooks, sinkers, line and everything else you need for your fishing hobby. The shop also stocks bait - pilchards, chokka, red bait and white mussel. The fishing tackle sold here could be devided into three categories: rock & surf, deep sea and river fishing. Both light and heavy fishing tackle are sold here to suit your needs when fishing from the rocks, deep sea or in the river.


You can also find some interesting clothing for both genders, young and old. These are all holiday summer clothing, giving your the "on the beach" feeling! Diffrent colors, large and small, skinny or loose. You may find your best outfit yet in this shop!


What is a shop without toys for kids. The Gourits Kontrei Winkel makes a big effort to stock as many diffrent toys as possible. From little racing cars, bouncing balls, small fishing rods and nets to legos, cards and much more. For rainy days in Gouritsmond, stop at the Kontrei winkel to buy something for your children to keep them busy indoors. For nice summer days, stop at the Kontrei winkel to buy something for your children to keep them busy on the beach, like a frisbee or a fishing net.

Gourits Fishing Charters

Gouritsmond, famous for its large code, is one of the best locations for deep sea fishing. Book a trip with us to experience a day of a life time.


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Gourits Kontrei Winkel

Gourits Kontrei Winkel offers fishing gear, tackle, bait, groceries, gifts, clothes and much more.