Gourits Self-Catering Units offer a relaxed and down to Earth atmosphere for a weekend or holiday away. Book with us and explore our remote village... Gouritsmond!

Activities range from fishing, surfing, hiking and fun on the beach, to shopping, relaxing and exploring the Garden Route and more.

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The Gourits Self-Catering Units are owned by Org and Sanet Nieuwoudt.

In 1998, Org started converting the Old Gourits Hotel into the self-catering units with his bare hands, one unit at a time.

Sanet runs the self-catering accommodation and the on-site shop (Kontrei Winkel), while Org runs Gourits Fishing Charters and Skipskop Properties.

We have 16 units in total,  numbered from 1 - 17, keeping the "Old Hotel" tradition of skipping number 13 as it was considered bad luck.



The River Mouth
Self Catering Units - Back
Self Catering Units - Front
Gourits Bridge
Self Catering Units
Gourits Fishing Charters
Kontre Winkel